2012: Build

Build Season


Philosophy of the build.


  • Allow the students to experience the design process, by devoting a lot of time to design.    
  • Steer the students to a simple design so the students will be able to do all the build tasks themselves and take ownership of the robot.
  • Finish the build early so the students can have fun driving the robot before bag and tag and also show off their work to fellow students.


This philosophy is aligned with our goal laying down a strong foundation for the team’s growth.  Once the team is under way and the skill set of the team and mentors grow, we will expand to more complex engineering tasks.  We realized that even the simplest FRC robot is very complex and will yield a tremendous challenge for the students.





First, go over the game rules to determine how to score points.


Design before you build.

Then prototype (Drive system)
Prototype (Shooter)
Bench test to understand concepts and learn programming (pneumatics)
Keep to the schedule
Construction under way
Close to finished
 Last step..add sponsor and team logos