Chestnut Hill District Event

Last weekend we competed at the Chestnut Hill MAR (Mid Atlantic Robotics) District Robotics Event.  

This was our first official event and we were honored to be awarded the Rookie Inspiration Award.   

Here is a picture of some of the team members.

Each match requires a team of 3 robots to shoot balls into multiple basketball hoops, balance on sensitive bridges and prevent the opposing 3 robots from doing the same.  There were 38 teams at the event.  We ranked 17th after our 12 matches were complete.

With it's low center of gravity, and sensitive drive system, our robot (Shark Byte) excelled at balancing.  Here we are balancing at the end of a match to earn bonus points for our alliance of 3 robots.

There is not a lot of time between matches and the 'pits' are an intense place.  Some students work to repair and improve the robot while others strategize about the next match with their alliance partners.  

Here is Mr. J getting the team ready for the next match.
After the our 12 matches were complete, the top 8 robot teams each picked two teams to be their alliance partners for the elimination round.  We were picked (a rare event for a rookie team) based mostly on our robot's superior ability to manipulate the bridge and balance. 
Here we are with team 433, the Firebirds from Mount Saint Joseph Academy, in the process of doing a difficult double robot balance during an elimination match.
Our alliance was knocked out in the first round but the event was a great success for McDevitt. 
In addition to our award, we earned valuable points that will help us qualify for the Regional Championship at Temple University.
We will next compete at the MAR Lenepe event March 24th and 25th