Gracious Professionalism in Action

As a rookie team, we are in a great position for our students to learn about the concept of Gracious Professionalism from other teams.   Special thanks to these teams.
  • Team 433 : The Firebirds, for the design kickoff, spare parts and general mentoring
  • Team 1218 : Vulcan Robotics, for general advice and help with machine tools and gave us a robot at the GirlPower event.
  • Team 423  : Simple Machines, who gave us gears and chains. 
  • Team 3923 : for classmate imaging and parts exchange. 
  • Team 1114 : Simbotics, for their internet instructions for building the  “Kit Bot on Steroids”
  • Team 357 : Royal Assault, for helping with our radio at Duel on the Delaware
  • Team 2607 : The RoboVikings, for help with our classmate at Duel on the Delaware