MAR Regional Championship

E-mCD wins 2 awards at the Regional Championship and finish the season ranked 15 in the Mid Atlantic region. 
Of the 99 teams in the Mid Atlantic region, 56 were invited to the Regional Championships at Temple based on their performance at the district level.  We were one of only 3 Rookie teams to get an invitation. 

Here is our robot driver Bill in the pit with the robot. 


On Friday, at the end of the first 2 days of competition, we were in 7th place.  We had 3 matches remaining on Sat.  If we could manage to hold on to that position we would be one of the 8 alliance captains for the elimination rounds.  This would guarantee our advancement to the elimination round.  


On Sat we won 2 of our 3 matches to finish 4th.  We then invited teams 11 MORT, from Flanders, NJ and 1403, Cougar Robotics from Skillman, NJ to join us for an alliance for the elimination round. 


We were knocked out in the first round.


At the award ceremony we received 2 awards. 


    The Rookie High Seed Award given to the Rookie team that performed the best.


    The Rookie Inspiration Award.  


        "This award celebrates a rookie team outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering and engineers, both within their school, as well as in their community." 


There are several ways to earn a invitation to the World Championship event in St. Louis.  The winning alliance, Special Award winners, and the top 5 ranked teams not already attending are invited.  When the final rankings were posted, we were ranked 15th overall and listed as the 3rd alternate team to go to the World Championships.   Only 1 of the top ranked teams decided not to attend so our hopes to compete in St. Louis were dashed.  


Finishing 4th after the qualification rounds and 15 overall for the season are remarkable achievements.  The students are rightly proud of what accomplished.  They have created a foundation for future success. 


Drive team member Leno was our “Human Player”.  His job was to inbound the basketballs on to the field where our team could grab them before our opponents did.


Also.  In case you missed it, Kalya (our second driver) from the team was featured in a story in today’s Daily News.  Here is a link to the electronic version.