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2015 Mid Atlantic Championships (Lehigh)


 Friends of McDevitt Robotics


After our 2 events we have qualified for the District Championships at Lehigh University





In our second competition of the season, at Upper Darby last weekend, the team again had great success. We finished the qualifications matches ranked 10th and were selected by the 3rd alliance to compete in the playoffs.  We advanced past the quarter finals, into the semi finals and just missed making it to the finals by 5 points.  


Below are some pictures from the event.   



The robot must stack totes on scoring platforms and cap them off with recycle containers.  Our robot is on the move carrying a stack of 2 totes (worth 2 points each) ready to drop them on the white scoring platform.  




We are building a stack of 4 yellow totes.  The yellow totes earn a special co-op bonus.  This stack is worth 40 points. 




Our robot is capping a stack of 4 totes with a recycle container.  The higher the stack of totes the more the container is worth.  This stack, with the container, is now worth 24 points. 








For the 4th year in a row, the team will be heading to Leigh University next weekend for the Mid Atlantic District Championships at the Stabler Arena.  We will be competing against 54 teams for 16 slots for the Robotics World Championships in St. Louis to be held later this month.   


The event is open to the public and if you are most welcome.  All FIRST events are free.  If you plan to attend, please let us know so we can show you are robot and pit area.  Note: the Stabler Arena is NOT on the main campus of Lehigh University but on the other side of the mountain. It is about 1 hour and 10 minutes from McDevitt.  


April 9- April 11

Stabler Arena
Lehigh University
124 Goodman Drive
Bethlehem, PA 18015



The best time to attend is Friday or Saturday morning.   The full schedule can be found here.