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Springside Chestnut Hill

Success at our first event  




Here is the team showing off the medals we won by reaching the event finals.


Team had great success at our first competition of the season at Springside-Chestnut Hill last weekend.   We finished the qualifications matches ranked 12th.  We were select by the 4th alliance to compete in the playoffs.  We advanced past the quarter finals, then again advanced past the semi finals to reach the finals where we were knocked out by the 1st seeded alliance.


Here are some pictures from the event.










In addtiton to our success on the field, we won the Innovation in Control Award Sponsored by Rockwell Automation for our for our wheeled distance tracker. 


The device tracks how far we move during the autonomous part of a match and allows to stop within 1 inch of our target distance.


Here is a description of the award:  


This award celebrates an innovative control system or application of control components-electrical, mechanical or software-to provide.





Here are the 2 new tropheys for the McDevitt case.