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The Arcadia Connection

One huge obstacle that was identified early for the McDevitt team was a build site. The campus of Bishiop McDevitt H. S. is fully utilized with no space for the team

Arcadia University is only a 10 min walk from Bishiop McDevitt and there was already an existing relationship between the two organization where academically advanced McDevitt students could take college courses at Arcadia. Knowing that Arcadia University includes community outreach as on if their core values, school president Dr. DiNenna contacted Arcadia to see if they could assist the team. Dr. Carl (Tobey) Oxholm III the Arcadia president agreed to help. ( Dr Oxholm has previseloy held a position at Drexel University, and was familiar with the FIRST program from having the University host the Philadelphia Regional.) Arcadia University then agreed to give the team space on the campus.

Arcadia and McDevitt examined several potential sites and decided on a building attached to the Arcadia facilities shop. The Arcadia facilities department has agreed to not only allow the team to use the machine tools in the shop but to mentor the students on the safe and proper use. This saved the team a huge amount of money since these tools would have to be purchased.

E=mCD build site at Arcadia University